Serving Metro Detroit’s Singles Community Since 2009!

Successfully Single, Inc. is Metropolitan Detroit’s single best way to have fun and to learn how to have a more fulfilling singles life. No matter where your interests lie, we have an exciting event for you.

Events are held weekly at some of the most popular venues around the city. We cater to singles of all ages, however we seem to attract professional women and men 45 and up. We do everything possible to achieve an even mix of men and women at each of our events.

Celebrate Being Single!

As a member of Successfully Single, you’ll discover how wonderful it is to be single! You’ll make new friends easily with other successful singles and find the type of people you may want to date that would be difficult to meet on your own. You may even find yourself at the right place at the right time to meet that special someone.

We schedule singles vacations regularly throughout the year, so you never have to travel alone again. We explore the most amazing places around the world, creating unforgettable memories and making friends for a lifetime!

Join now and start living a more exciting and fulfilling singles life today!


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